Android 2.2 'FroYo' first look

So what exactly is FroYo, and why should you care?

The new version of the Android OS, Android 2.2, originally codenamed FroYo (short for Frozen Yoghurt) was launched at the Google I/O back in May.

Google Nexus One users are already getting their hands on the update, and it’s likely to cross the pond imminently. HTC also promised that it’s HTC Desire and Legend phones would be sporting the update very soon.

So what actually is FroYo, and what can we expect from the new Android OS?

Speed increase

Initial excitement over FroYo focussed on the huge improvement in processing speed, which was claimed to be up to six times faster, depending on the benchmarking system used. This has been achieved by using a technology trick known as just-in-time compilation, which speeds up Java significantly. A huge number of games and apps are built in java because it ports across mobile platforms easily.
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