Apple Seeks Antenna Engineer Amid iPhone 4 Complaints

Although Apple insists there are no antenna issues with the iPhone 4, it is advertising for an antenna engineer. At the same time, a leaked memo advises AppleCare employees to tell complainers how to hold the iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. The memo also advises that an iPhone "case or bumper" may improve wireless performance by keeping the hand away.

Apple may be indirectly confirming, through a job posting and a reportedly leaked memo, that the iPhone 4 has reception problems that depend on how users hold the phone Relevant Products/Services. On Tuesday, the company posted a job notice for an "Antenna Engineer-iPhone," indicating the need for some additional expertise in that area.

The listing doesn't explicitly say "needs to be able to fix iPhone 4's reception problems," of course, but it does seek an engineer who can "define and implement antenna system Relevant Products/Services architecture to optimize Relevant Products/Services the radiation performance for wireless Relevant Products/Services portable devices." It could be coincidental that the posting comes just as the reception issue gains prominence, although one would expect Apple already has a crew of antenna engineers.

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