Why Windows 7 should have been offered FREE to every Vista user!

So, Windows 7 finally hits the streets and the early signs are promising. It’s not hard to see why, when even the least Microsoft friendly reviewers have been raving about it for months.

DSGi, one of the UK’s biggest computer retailers, said that they have had more pre-orders for Windows 7 in the past 3 weeks than they had for Windows Vista in a year!

Windows 7 free upgrade from Vista – The argument

As long time readers will know, I believe Windows 7 should be given to Windows Vista users, as a free upgrade.

Many Windows Vista users feel they were unpaid beta testers and that Microsoft has used their time and their error reporting with Vista, to help them produce Windows 7. I agree! In fact, many people have suggested that Windows 7 should have been rolled out as a Service pack for Vista.


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