294 Creepy Crawly Bug Wallpapers

294 Creepy Crawly Bug WallpapersFor this week's Shooting Challenge, you got up close and personal with some terrifying creatures. And you made them look stunning...though still pants-wettingly terrifying.

Lead Shot

5D MK II, 50mm 2.5, life size converter, extension tube, and Manfrotto focusing rail. No artificial light whatsoever, just shot with light glowing from worm! ISO 4000, 30 sec exposure at f/3.2. I came home from work looking to shoot a few portraits of a fine lady friend of mine, and we just so happened to discover this guy in the yard. I really never knew we had these things in new jersey, but I guess we do! The shot that ended up being the keeper was like the second shot I took. I kept shooting for like a half hour, but nothing turned out as cool as this one.
-Robert Huber


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