Amazon Punches Up Kindle DX

The extra-large version of the Kindle e-reader, the DX, has received a new set of features and a significant price cut. The Amazon device's screen contrast has been upgraded, it sports new ways to organize content and it touts additional sharing features. Price-wise, it's climbed down to below $400, following a price-slashing trend among other e-readers in recent weeks. (Nasdaq: AMZN) has let loose the latest salvo in the rapidly escalating e-book reader war. The online book retailer will ship the latest version of its high-end Kindle, the DX, on July 7. The new units will sport a range of new features and a substantially lowered price: US$379. Amazon already has lowered the price of its more popular, standard version of the Kindle to $189 after competitor Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS) dropped the price of its Nook reader to $199.
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