BlackBerry Enterprise Server Splits Work, Personal Data

Research In Motion has upgraded its BlackBerry Enterprise Server to provide more control of work and personal data. BES 5.0.2 lets BlackBerry users access some personal data on phones locked for company use while still blocking social-media access. IT managers will also be able to control company data on BlackBerrys.

Bolstering its lead in the business smartphone space, Research In Motion launched an upgrade for its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) Wednesday that allows more controls for companies whose employees combine work and personal data on their devices. The company said its upgrade offers "enhanced operational efficiency and cost savings."

Controlling Personal Use

The 5.0.2 upgrade, presented in an animation with its own fast-paced soundtrack on the company's web site, will allow users to access some personal calendar, e-mail and voice-mail features on phones that are locked for company use via the Individual Liable Devices Policy, but still block social-media access.

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