The changing face of IT: Five trends to watch

At the TechRepublic Live 2010 event earlier this month, I gave a presentation called “The Changing Face of IT” in which I outlined five key trends that are changing the way IT is delivered, administered, and staffed. Here’s a summary of that presentation.

1. The consumerization of IT

We have been discussing the consumerization of IT on TechRepublic since 2007 when The Wall Street Journal published tips to help business professionals circumvent their IT departments. Back then, it was primarily an annoyance involving a few power users who were bringing their own Palm Treos into the enterprise and using a some unauthorized Web tools to get their work done.

Since then, consumerization has developed into a full-blown trend that nearly every organization — except for the ones with the tightest security or the most centralized IT departments — have to deal with. Workers are bringing their own laptops and smartphones into the office and connecting them to corporate systems. More people than ever are telecommuting or working from home for a day or two a week. And, the number of Web-based tools has increased dramatically, including many that have become favorites of business users, such as Evernote, Dropbox, and Google Docs.

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