ComScore: Android gains in mobile, still a long way to go

Only one smartphone platform - Google’s Android - saw growth in the U.S. between March and May of this year, gaining four percentage points while all of the others - Apple included - saw slight declines, according to a comScore report released today.

Of course, Android - now with 13 percent market share - has a long way to go before it can even think of unseating the likes of Apple or Research in Motion. As for Window’s Mobile, Android is about to overtake Microsoft, which has just 13.2 percent of the market.

During that period, Apple saw a decline of one percentage point, down to 24.4 percent of the market, but that’s likely because iPhone sales stalled as consumers waited for the arrival of iPhone 4. RIM, maker of the BlackBerry, saw a slight decline of only 0.4 percent, bringing its share to 41.7 percent but maintaining its lead.

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