Crackdown 2 Review: Shoot First, Leap Buildings Later

Crackdown 2 Review: Shoot First, Leap Buildings LaterCrackdown 2 poses a question players have subconsciously been answering since their first contact with a controller or joystick: Would you rather spend your time in a video game jumping? Or shooting?

Three years ago with little preceding hype, Microsoft released the marvelous Crackdown, a gameplay-centric game created by Real Time Worlds and overseen by one of the creators of Grand Theft Auto. Crackdown cast players as a super-powered policeman who could leap and shoot with impunity in the open terrain of Pacific City, cleansing the architecturally interesting metropolis of several nasty gangs. This month, Crackdown 2 arrives, developed by ex-Real Time Worlds developers at start-up Ruffian Games. The setting is the same Pacific City, its architecture, years after the first game, now as cracked as used eggshells. The original game's gangs have been replaced by two factions, the heavily-armed Cell gang and the nocturnal zombie-like monstrous Freaks.

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