Dear Steve: Give Apple customers a total iPhone 4 recall

Dear Steve Jobs:

In about 24 hours, you can either tarnish Apple’s brand or lock your already rabid fan base in for life. And you can probably do it 15 minutes during your press powwow on Friday.

It must be odd for you to be the brunt of so much non-flattering hubbub over your iPhone 4, which looked like a dream device just a few weeks ago. The iPhone 4 was your best launch ever—and that’s saying something given the debut of the iPad—but an antenna reception issue, Consumer Reports and now numerous jokes have turned things around.

The pundits can talk form over function and worry about the long-term hit to Apple’s brand, but there’s really an easy fix. Do a total iPhone 4 recall. Issuing a bunch of bumper cases that cost you about $1 to $5 (maybe less) is a lazy man’s fix. Apple doesn’t do lazy and shouldn’t start now.

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