Enterprises Are Adopting Apple's iPad for Business Tasks

Apple's iPad is finding increasing acceptance in enterprises as tablet computers begin to transform business computing. Wells Fargo Bank and SAP AG are utilizing the iPad for a variety of tasks despite its introduction as a media-consumption device. More tablets, including Cisco's Cius, are coming and are expected to join Apple's iPad in businesses.

The pace at which Apple's products are moving into the enterprise is accelerating, if the iPad is any indication. For instance, while the iPhone took two years of in-house research and testing before it was allowed into the San Francisco-based Wells Fargo Bank, the iPad became part of that corporate family within a couple of weeks of its launch.

According to Bloomberg News, other major businesses such as SAP AG, Tellabs and Mercedes-Benz are similarly utilizing the iPad for a variety of tasks, such as taking orders in a showroom or demonstrating financial products at a conference.

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