Free RAM Memory Optimization

Your computer has a less good performance, this course will make you very upset. Many things can make a slow computer performance, there is one RAM Memory Capacity. RAM is a vital component in your PC. RAM is Random Access Memory, and each time you start and run an application or open a file on your PC, it will use the RAM. RAM is a storage area on your PC where data is temporarily stored, so the CPU can access information more easily. CPU will process the data from RAM and then recorded back to the RAM continuously.
transfer data between the CPU and RAM happens several times every second. When an application or file is closed, usually an application or files along with the supporting data be deleted from RAM to free up RAM for new data. If changes to the file is not / has not been saved to permanent storage area such as a hard disk before being deleted from the RAM, so that changes will be permanently lost! Therefore, many people want a larger RAM to boost PC performance.
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