Geforce 257.15 review: Better performance and higher quality - plus: Nvidia interview

Nvidia launches a feature offensive: the new Geforce 257.15 Beta doesn't only increase the performance of many games, but also introduces new features. PC Games Hardware tests the driver.

There have already been several rumors about the Geforce 257.15 in different forums all over the web and now the driver has been released. In the Release Notes Nvidia promises not only performance benefits between 4 and 25 percent, but also new features. To check them, PC Games Hardware takes a closer look at the Geforce 257.15 Beta.

Geforce 257.15: 3D Vision, SGSSAA, Fps-Boost and more
3D Vision Surround, which is actually intended to be the figurehead of the new driver family, is slightly delayed due to certain problems. But the Geforce 257.15, which Nvidia has explicitly marked as Beta version, still delivers other features. Especially those users who own a Geforce GTX 480 or GTX 470 get a better gaming performance since the optimized code of the new driver architecture delivers an improvement. The benefit is not always obvious to the eye, but measurable and on average you get about 5 percent. At the same time Nvidia doesn't adjust the image quality - as several reports have claimed - but was able to make the utilization of the GF100's rendering pipeline more efficient. But Nvidia also got something in store for the owners of DirectX 10 graphics cards.,748911/Geforce-25715-review-Better-performance-and-higher-quality-plus-Nvidia-interview/Practice/
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