Google Android Gingerbread will require 1GHz processors, coming mid-October 2010

Nexus One photo gallery application demo similar in feel to Gingerbread release

Late last week, we heard about the upcoming HTC Vision and how it would come loaded with Google Android Gingerbread right out of the box. Well, we have now learned a little more about this Gingerbread.

One of the bigger surprises coming out of the rumor mill is that it will actually require devices to have at least a 1GHz processor as part of its minimum requirements. If that’s the case, the dual-core 800MHz Vision may not technically reach that benchmark. Going through the rest of the rumors, we are fully expecting an overhaul of the user interface, though it’s unclear exactly what the new UI is going to look like and how it’s going to differ from what we’ve already seen. I would personally like more of a “folder”-like approach to apps, since the long main list can get quite long.
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