Intel to Find New Ways of Interaction Between Humans and PCs.

At the Intel Labs' annual Research at Intel media event on Wednesday, Intel Corp.’s chief technology officer Justin Rattner announced a new research division, called Interaction and Experience Research (IXR), that is focused on defining new user experiences and new computing platforms. The innovations coming out of the labs are expected to help re-imagine how we will all experience computing in the future.

"Better technology is not enough these days. What the individual values today is a deeply personal, information experience. When I look ahead, this is the biggest change in computing I see coming. At Intel, we've been building up our capabilities in the user experience and interaction areas for over a decade. We've recently assembled an outstanding team of researchers consisting of both user interface technologists and social scientists to create the next generation of user experiences,” said Justin Rattner.

Personal computers will become, according to Intel, much more personal and social through individual user contexts informed by sensors, augmented by cloud intelligence, and driven by more natural interfaces such as touch, gesture and voice.

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