Intel's Core i7, is it ever enough?

A few years ago Intel was struggling to match the performance offered by AMD's Athlon 64 processors. The on-die memory controller, a fast, but narrow, chipset interconnect and elimination of the FSB was clearly paying dividends for AMD as their processors left no question about who was king in the performance department. Prices reflected this, as for the first time AMD was not the underdog and they were able to sell their top-of-the-line processors at a premium. With the launch of Core processors, based on the Conroe architecture, Intel basically switched places with AMD overnight and AMD has been fighting a losing battle ever since. For AMD this basically meant that over the course of the last two years they have only been able to compete in terms of processor pricing. AMD's processors and chipsets have been priced considerably less than Intel's in an attempt to gain or keep market share.
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