Medal of Honor MP-Beta: Screenshots with 5.120 x 3.200 pixels

The multiplayer beta of Medal of Honor has just started and PC Games Hardware ruled the first matches playing in 5.120 x 3.200 pixels resolution. Here you can see how the downsampled screenshots are looking.
Medal of Honor MP-Beta with 5.120 x 3.200 pixels (downsampled) (13)

Medal of Honor MP-Beta with 5.120 x 3.200 pixels (downsampled) (13) [Source: view picture gallery]

If you are able to play Medal of Honor in DirectX 10 or Direct X 11, the Frostbite engine allows you to downsample the picture you see on your display - it renders at higher resolution internally and scales it down for output. All you need is a beta key, a pretty fast graphics card and the little tbs downsampling tool which you can get at 3dcenter. Using the tbs downsampling tool is very simple, just refer to the english part of the included readme.txt.,756959/Medal-of-Honor-MP-Beta-Screenshots-with-5120-x-3200-pixels/Practice/
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