NASA's Nebula: a stellar example of private clouds in government

“This is not an IT win; it’s a business win. … We don’t use IT terms, but we use business terms, in our case it’s exploring space.”

Tom Sanderstrom, chief technology officer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, Calif., quoted in Government Info Security talking about cloud computing.

In my last post, we discussed calls for a tightening of federal initiatives in application modernization. With so much concern about cost overruns and late projects, is cloud the best option available?

NASA’s Nebula, an infrastructure-as-a-service implementation for scientific data and Web-based applications, provides a stellar example of where and how the cloud can serve government operations. Tarak Modi, vice president and CTO of CALIBRE Systems, says this is one example of how cloud computing is becoming a greater part of federal government agency operations. In a new post and podcast over at ebizQ, Peter Schooff talked to Modi, who observed that Nebula is currently a private cloud, but eventually may evolve to a hybrid cloud to enable greater collaboration with the academic community and the public. (Disclosure: I am also a contributor to ebizQ.)

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