New Technology Helps Consumers Find Deals While Shopping Online

Now there’s a new way for consumers to save money and compare prices while shopping online. Superfish, Inc. announces the beta release of Window Shopper, a free browser add-on that once downloaded, places a mark next to product images on hundreds of online stores. Click on the mark and Window Shopper opens up, instantly showing deals for that product as well as similar-looking alternatives.

The secret to Window Shopper is its proprietary visual search technology. The application first recognizes the image on the site and then instantly finds and presents visually identical or similar images from its huge index of product offers. Their index includes over 30 million products in almost every product category. Superfish expects to expand their index to over 50 million products in a few months.

Window Shopper currently functions on hundreds of U.S. online stores including, Best Buy, Macys, Nordstorm,, Staples, Target, and Wal-mart. More stores will be added weekly.

“With the Window Shopper Add-on, there’s no more jumping around from site to site to compare prices or to find what you want,” says Joe Dew, head of product for Superfish. “If we find a deal, we’ll show it. If we can’t, we’ll show you similar products you may also be interested in.

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