Poking holes in Apple's iPhone 4 antenna explanation

Apple has said that users have to hold the iPhone 4 the right way to get the best reception. Now it also says it has a software fix for signal issues.

(Credit: Josh Lowensohn/CNET)

Apple now blames reception issues that many new iPhone 4 customers are experiencing on a software miscalculation rather than on hardware design. But will a software update really fix the problems that many customers are reporting?

I'm not sure I am buying Apple's explanation.

Since the iPhone 4 launched last week, thousands of consumers have complained that when gripping the phone around the lower left-hand corner of the device, the signal degrades or calls are dropped. Apple acknowledged the problem, and explained that customers were simply covering up the antenna with their hand. CEO Steve Jobs told consumers the best way to fix the issue is to hold the phone differently. His other piece of advice: Buy a $29 rubber bumper to put around the phone so you don't cover up the antenna.


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