RIM Shows Off New BlackBerry 6 Features

RIM first showed off BlackBerry 6 at its conference in April. BlackBerry 6 is the smartphone maker's forthcoming overhaul to the BlackBerry operating system. A heavily revised user interface and new features are what RIM needs badly to keep up with Apple and Google, both of which have set the pace for mobile innovation. BlackBerry 6 looks like it will please most, though probably doesn't revise enough to make everyone happy.

The video demonstration shows off some of the new features that will be part of BlackBerry 6. The first is a drastically redesigned home screen. Some of the most notable improvements include improved notifications. The new notifications clearly displays new emails, missed calls/voicemails, and upcoming calendar entries. The email application has also been refreshed and looks like it includes much better multimedia support, such as embedded photos.

The video also shows a new universal search tool, which will allow users to search through the contents of their phone much faster. Another new application is the Social Feed, which will collect news and social networking updates and pile them all in one spot.

The most exciting change is the brand new BlackBerry Browser, which is based on Apple's WebKit technology. According to what RIM shows in the video, it supports pinch-to-zoom gestures, and looks really sharp. BlackBerries have long needed a revised Web browser. Hopefully this new browser will work in devices running older versions of the BlackBerry OS.


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