SSD breathes new life into old PCs

Solid state disc drives can potentially give legacy desktop PCs a new lease of life.

Solid state discs (SSDs) are set to become the preferred way to achieve high performance and high availability storage in the datacentre and, increasingly, on the desktop.

Kingston Technology, a company which made a name for itself selling memory upgrades for PCs is fast becoming a storage company, now that SSD is gaining in popularity. In 2009 its revenue was $4.1bn, of which $1.35bn came from flash memory (as used in digital cameras, iPhones, USB memory sticks, etc). Darwin Chen, vice-president, flash and SSD at Kingston Technology, believes SSD will grow to a $1bn business within Kingston.

In the datacentre, optimising the speed of access to file storage is essential to give users seamless data access and avoid them having to store data locally. Chen says indexing files on a single SSD drive is equivalent to the performance of running the index on 100 15,000rpm drives. He says, "Moving forward, SSD drives have potential to improve a CIO's strategic plan."

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