Topo Maps for iPhone Won't Lose You

The iPhone comes with a very helpful Maps application that can help you if you get lost -- just as long as you happen to get lost in a place with a cellular data signal. On the other hand, if you're planning on traveling way off the beaten path, check out Topo Maps, which lets you download detailed USGS topographical maps directly to your phone so you can check them out regardless of where your travels take you.

Topo Maps, an application from Philip Endecott, is available for US$7.99 cents at the App Store.

If you're driving around on pavement in the United States, chances are you're often within cellular service, which means you can use Google (Nasdaq: GOOG) Maps and Google Earth, along with your iPhone's built-in GPS feature, to pinpoint your location and find your way.

The problem with Google Maps and Google Earth is that you really need to have access to a compatible cellular service tower that can handle data for these apps to work well. If you're off the beaten track without cell service, your iPhone can't download the maps.

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