Want more followers? Twitter may help you buy some


Want more people reading your tweets? Twitter may offer you a hand--for a price.

People familiar with the company's plans say it has been discussing yet another revenue generator: think of it as a "Promoted Tweeter" product, which highlights specific user accounts, designed to bump up follower counts.

My sources weren't sure about the business model behind the product, which may be because Twitter itself doesn't know yet. Some obvious possibilities: Twitter could charge users based on the number of followers they acquired, or simply based on the exposure their Twitter accounts received.

Twitter wouldn't acknowledge plans for the product at all. Here's spokesman Sean Garrett, via e-mail: "We will eventually have full suites of both promoted and commercial products. All the components of these two buckets of product have yet to be determined. Some are currently being tested publicly now. Some will be tested soon. Some are just ideas that we are broaching externally for feedback."


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