When will Apple PR go into crisis mode over iPhone antenna issue?

Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the meeting rooms used by Apple’s PR team this week? I mean, really, what’s going through their heads today?

The story about how Consumer Reports dissed the iPhone 4 over its antenna hardware flaw got plenty of attention yesterday - and not just in tech blogs, but also in mainstream news. The Cult of Mac blog touched base with some PR crisis management experts who say that a recall of the iPhone 4 is inevitable. And Apple has been quietly deleting forum threads about this issue on its support site.

Also: Apple’s bizarre PR strategy: delete unflattering threads

It’s not often that mainstream press chime in on Apple’s woes. Instead, it usually devotes a few minutes to Apple’s big announcements, putting experts on camera who talk about how innovative and revolutionary the company’s products are and how Steve Jobs is a technology genius. For the most part, it stands clear of the criticisms that are normally reserved for tech blogs.

This is a big deal and, so far, the only public comments made by Apple came in the form of an open letter that basically threw AT&T under the bus. In it, Apple blamed the problem on a software miscalculation that makes the display of signal bars on a phone show that the signal is stronger than it really is. Criticisms about the hardware design were pretty much dismissed.


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