Windows Phone 7 Bells and Whistles Lure Developers

Microsoft has added shared hubs and a Bing search button to its Windows Phone 7 Series as it pushes "reset" and looks for developers. Microsoft's rich platform in Windows Phone 7 includes web and Xbox technologies developers are already using plus ties to Microsoft services. The Windows Phone 7 hubs join applications, services and web content.

Microsoft on Tuesday announced new features and capabilities in Windows Phone 7 Series. The company released a beta version of developer tools for the new mobile operating system Monday.

Windows Phone 7 works to consolidate common tasks and services in shared hubs so consumers don't have to move in and out of their smartphone apps. It's no surprise that Microsoft's search engine Bing is built into the phone.

Every phone that uses the operating system will offer a dedicated hardware Relevant Products/Services button for Bing to give users one-click access to search from anywhere on the phone. And a special implementation of Bing search provides intent-specific results, delivering the most relevant web or local results, depending on the type of query.

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