Windows XP gets yet another reprieve from Microsoft

On the eve of Microsoft pulling the plug on support for Windows XP Service Pack (SP) 2, company officials announced they are extending downgrade rights for Windows XP.

Originally, downgrade rights — the sanctioned ability of Windows volume buyers to apply their new Windows licenses to older versions of the product — were due to expire around 2011 for Windows XP. But on July 12, the Softies gave XP yet another reprieve.

Users who purchase new PCs installed with Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate will now be able to downgrade to XP up until January 15, 2015 (for Windows 7 Professional) or January of 2020 (for Windows 7 Ultimate), according to Computerworld’s calculations.

The way Microsoft is phrasing the new end of life dates for XP is less clear-cut. The Microsoft “Blogging Windows” blog, in a July 12 post, explained it this way:

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