WOF: What's your browser homepage and why?

In the beginning there was Yahoo, the ubiquitous homepage of choice for millions of Web users in the late 90s. Coming from an era when Web portals were hot properties and ISPs nearly forced you to use their own, many continue to devoutly rely on Yahoo as their start page to see what's new on the Internet and the world.

Over the years however many different options and trends have come and go on how to start your browsing sessions. From Google's simplistic search box approach to RSS-inspired personalized homepages like Netvibes and Pageflakes. Most recently social networks have elevated themselves as a source of breaking news and an effective way to connect with those around you. The browser itself has also impacted how you can start every session. For example, you can have it remember what tabs were open last time and take it from there, or you could set it up to open nothing (about:blank).

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