YouTube revamps mobile Web site

SAN BRUNO, Calif.--YouTube has redesigned its mobile site, hoping to get more and more smartphone users watching its videos through the browser, rather than through native applications.

YouTube's new mobile site should go live Wednesday afternoon.

YouTube's new mobile site should go live Wednesday afternoon.

(Credit: YouTube)

The company will unveil the new design at this afternoon, said Andrey Doronichev, product manager for YouTube Mobile, during a briefing Wednesday morning here at YouTube's headquarters. The main idea is to replicate the desktop PC-based YouTube experience in the mobile browser, or to at least get as close as possible, he said.

At the moment, mobile YouTube visitors play around 100 million videos a day, Doronichev said; roughly equivalent to the same number of videos that were being played on the original YouTube site when it was acquired by Google in 2006. But the mobile site itself is hard to navigate, and the primary source of mobile YouTube viewing--the native iPhone application--has lagged behind the development pace of what's now possible in the browser, he said.

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