Are Amazon's New Kindles Tablets-in-Training?

Will the Kindle grow up to be a real tablet computer someday? Amazon's inclusion of new capabilities in its unassuming WebKit browser suggests that the possibility might not be too far-fetched. Ultimately, Apple and Amazon will both move toward "the goal of a multipurpose appliance for browsing, reading and low-intensity interaction," predicted Paul Gillin, author of The New Influencers.

Amazon's (Nasdaq: AMZN) new, slimmed-down Kindle devices are notable for several things, not the least of which are the upgrades to their experimental WebKit browser.

The new Amazon Kindle
The new Amazon Kindle
It's faster and easier to navigate, says Amazon, and its new "article mode" feature extracts the main text-based content from Web pages for easier reading.

Free Web browsing with Kindle over 3G or WiFi is also part of the package, thanks to a new beta program, Amazon announced.

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