Google holds on to top spot in online video

ComScore's video rankings for July 2010.

ComScore's video rankings for July 2010.

(Credit: ComScore Video Metrix)

Google remains the dominant player in the online-video space, according to research firm ComScore's latest market rankings.

In July, more than 143 million unique viewers watched at least one video hosted by Google--the vast majority of which, according to ComScore, were on YouTube. That figure represented a slight decline, compared with the 144 million people who watched videos in June on the company's sites. Google viewers watched more than 1.88 billion videos in July, averaging 282.7 minutes of viewing over the month.

In June, Google users played more than 1.81 billion videos and averaged 260.9 minutes of viewing time.

Google was followed by Yahoo, in terms of consumer online-video consumption. The company's Yahoo Video, as well as clips on its many other sites, including Yahoo News and Yahoo TV, helped it attract 55 million unique visitors, who watched more than 238 million videos in July. Its users averaged 28.6 minutes of viewing time. Last month, Yahoo attracted 44.9 million viewers, who watched approximately 139 million videos.

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