Hedge your bets in cloud computing

Debates flare up all the time about what is the "right" way to consume cloud computing. Public cloud providers push for ditching your data center in favor of pay-per-use services delivered over the network. Many hardware vendors claim that the enterprise's road to cloud computing is through the operation of private clouds. Still others argue that the whole concept is a crock of...well, you get the idea.

Which argument do you buy? How should you plan to deploy and operate your IT resources over the next 3, 5, even 10 years? In who's basket should you place your eggs?

In part, your answer will probably depend a bit on who you are, what your role is in IT delivery or consumption, and well-known factors such as sensitivity to data loss, regulatory requirements, and the maturity of your IT organization.

I would argue, however, that if you have existing IT investment, or you have requirements that push beyond the limits of today's cloud computing technology or business models, you should consider not choosing at all.

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