IBM launches high-end, mid-tier Power7 systems

IBM on Tuesday will launch a new batch of Power7 servers ranging to high-end systems for analytics to models designed for mid-sized companies.

The Power7 systems are designed to propel IBM to the top spot in the Unix market. Tom Rosamilia, general manager of Power Systems and System z, IBM Systems & Technology
Group, said IBM needs to pick up 4 points of market share to be the top Unix server provider.

According to IDC, Unix revenue fell 29 percent in the first quarter as customers waited for HP and Sun to outline their roadmaps. Meanwhile, IBM customers paused ahead of the company’s launch of Power7.

With IBM’s latest installment of Power7 systems—along with roadmaps from HP and Oracle—the Unix market should show some pickup in the third quarter. IDC’s second quarter figures for servers should land at the end of the month.

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