Interested in visiting outerspace? $95,000 will get you there in 2012

Interested in visiting outerspace? XCOR Aerospace is readying the launch of their budget return flights to space that are expected to lift off early 2012. Coincidence or not? Why is everyone planning to leave the earth in 2012? For $95,000 you will get to ride their Lynx spacecraft through the outer most leagues of the atmosphere. That’s half the price of Virgin Galactic, and cheaper than Space Adventures by $7,000. Not to worry though, you will most likely return, as XCOR has been testing their rocket ships for eight years now and their pretty confident that they are ready to start taking on the masses. That price could be even further reduced if Ryan Air launches their own budget space travel company. That’s one short adventure for man; and many cheap-ass spaceflights for mankind.

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