Mobile Business Strategy: MMobile Business Strategy: More Than Mobile Marketingore Than Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing is more than just e-mailing or texting customers with discounts or other offers. When formulating your mobile-related business-model strategy, think behavioral, not technological, and capitalize on the reasons your customers love their mobile devices by understanding the factors that account for the rapid growth of smartphones.

Hey, you rock star, you. You know all about innovating through mobility Relevant Products/Services, right? You do the text messaging and the digital Relevant Products/Services coupons. You're even developing the app your boss wants. You're mirroring what you have on your Web site. All in all, you have it under control. Yep, you can check another item off your to-do list.

And six months from now, you can start explaining why the competition is outperforming you when it comes to retaining customers, winning new business, and communicating with existing customers and potential ones through their cell phones, PDAs, smartphones, and such other mobile Relevant Products/Services devices as the iPad and HP Slate.

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