Will AT&T iPhone users really defect for Verizon?

Nearly half of current AT&T iPhone customers say they would consider switching to another carrier for the iPhone and a third say they are waiting to upgrade until the iPhone goes to another carrier.

(Credit: Morpace)

Will they stay or will they go?

That's the big question AT&T executives are likely asking themselves about the millions of iPhone customers who may consider leaving the operator once the popular smartphone is offered on other carrier networks in the U.S.

While AT&T has not said when its exclusive deal for the iPhone ends, the company has been preparing shareholders for a day when the iconic device will be available to its competitors. Rumor has it that Verizon Wireless, AT&T's chief competitor, will get a version of the iPhone in January.

A recent survey by the market research firm Morpace found that 34 percent of those surveyed who already own an AT&T iPhone are waiting to upgrade their phones until the iPhone becomes available on another carrier. And about 47 percent said they'd at least consider moving over to Verizon for the iPhone. About a quarter of all AT&T subscribers said they were somewhat or very likely to switch to Verizon for an iPhone.

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