Windows 7 Is Being Retooled for Tablet Market

Windows 7 is being retooled for the tablet market, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has told industry analysts. Even though Apple is out in front with the iPad, Ballmer indicated Microsoft expects to come from behind as it did with netbooks. But an analyst said Microsoft doesn't have a lot of time to strategize because of OEM lead times.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told industry analysts Thursday that the software giant is working in cooperation with device manufacturers to develop a customized version of Windows 7 for tablets. Although Apple has created an entirely new tablet market without Microsoft's participation, Ballmer noted that much the same thing happened with netbooks.

Microsoft went from having no Windows penetration on netbooks in the early days to seeing Windows become "the guiding piece of software" in a market subsegment that now accounts for 15 percent or so of all PCs shipped worldwide, Ballmer observed.

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