3D Graphics Web Pages With Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta - WebGL

We informed the new release of Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta version few days ago. Today I will give little more details about the features they have introduced newly. Mozilla has expanded its features to support for 3-D graphics, together with a revamped Firefox add-on manager. Also Firefox improved much mobile version for Smartphones based on Google’s Android and Nokia’s Maemo platforms.

WebGL is the newest technology they have used to support for 3-D graphics browsers. WebGL is an open standard for accelerating 3-D graphics rendering on the web page. This standard does not require to installing any third party plug-in to the user browser to render 3-D graphics. Most importantly WebGL is support for most modern graphic cards. Experts predict that, this feature will expand interactive 3-D games, vivid graphics and other new visual experiences in near future by allowing developers to develop application directly to the browser without using any other 3-D acceleration tools.

WebGL is based on OpenGL ES 2.0 standard, the same 3-D API used in Android and iOS developments. Mozilla now support for HTML5 video and audio technologies. Firefox 4 beta is now supports for a full set of web technologies for building rich web application with better performance. Since WebGL based on OpenGL ES 2.0, application build using WebGL is highly compatible with mobile devices. OpenGL ES 2.0 is behind the latest desktop features and near future it will introduce more latest desktop features, and may become available in WebGL as well.

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