DivX plug-in hit Adobe on Flash video

Video on web pages is most common thing in today. Faster video browsing on the Internet is really crucial and most of the users expect that. Different technologies introduced over the period and Flash video did a good job. Over Adobe plug-in DivX plug-in perform well with Flash videos. This consume less energy and with very low performance machine even can be used to watch good quality video with DivX Flash plug-in.

Once installed, it comes as part of the DivX Plus Web Player, available on Download.com. When you hit a video on a site that the player knows about, like YouTube, you get a second "play" button under the usual player. Videos played more smoothly, especially when I selected high-definition streams (720p or 1080p). I was able to play all videos in full-screen mode, too, something I haven't attempted on this PC for a while.

If you like to watch full screen video with your low performance machine DivX HiQ player is best solution. With low speed Internet connections, lap time between load part of video is very low compare to other players. Adobe 10.2 beta will good competitor in the future to DivX HiQ once it released. 
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