Facebook Privacy concerns – How to manage Facebook Privacy

Privacy of individual Facebook user’s data is very high concern about all most all the users of the Facebook. Most of the users have complained about the matter and Facebook management drew more attention on the same. Also some clever entrepreneurs have provided some tools to control your privacy over your network or beyond your network. You can use ReclaimPrivacy tool easily for this job. This tool is capable of scanning your Facebook settings and measures the risk level of your account. What you have to do is simply visit the site and drag the button “Scan for Privacy” to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar. Then login to Facebook account and then click the bookmark. Then it will analyze your privacy settings and provide the measure. Based on that your can alter your settings. There is SaveFace that can help you lock down your profile of Facebook. Same way as ReclaimPrivacy you can install this tool as well. When you log in to your account and click on the bookmark it will alter your privacy settings to “friends only”. Third fact is Openbook. It is not considered as tool, but it can use to search through Facebook public updates of users. This will give you kind of embracing things people post in their profile.
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