High performance Chrome's Javascript engine by Google

Google's new chrome version is built in with high performance javascript engine. This engine leads to faster web page loading and development of powerful web applications. Chrome is developing as new competitor for Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Apple Safari and Opera browsers. Today JavaScript are very important in web developments for much faster web applications with component based web developments where individual components refresh its data without refreshing whole page.

V8 chrome browser engine is being upgraded to version 3, called Crankshaft. This engine uses adaptive compilation technique to translate javascript into native instructions. This helps to more concentrate on frequently used code parts and improve the performance.

"Crankshaft uses adaptive compilation to improve both start-up time and peak performance. The idea is to heavily optimize code that is frequently executed and not waste time optimizing code that is not," Google programmers Kevin Millikin and Florian Schneider said yesterday in a company blog post.

According to the programmes, the web pages with significant amount of JavaScript will load average 12 percent faster than previous.

When it comes to performance of a web browser, we consider certain factors. Javascript performance is one major section. Also a browser should be able to load quickly graphics, 3D graphics, stream media, text. Security and privacy are other major concern by the most of web browser users. Handling CSS style sheets and format the web content is another section that the web browser developers can concentrate more on.

According to some experts Gmail loading time is not satisfactory with Chrome browser. Chrome is increasingly popular within internet users with IE and Mozilla browsers.
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