iPad 2 with Dual Cameras May Ship as Soon as February

Apple's next-generation iPad 2 could reportedly start shipping as early as February. A Foxconn plant has reportedly delayed production to test the iPad's firmware. The iPad 2 is expected to have front and back cameras for video chats. When Apple's new iPad does arrive, it will face competition from other tablets as well as Apple's MacBook Air.

Apple's Taiwan-based manufacturer, Foxconn, could start shipping the next-generation iPad tablet computer as soon as February, with an initial run of 400,000 to 600,000, according to a published report Tuesday. DigiTimes, which covers the electronics industry in China, said Foxconn's plant in Shenzhen, China, was originally to begin production in January, but pushed it off because the device's firmware is still being tested. The paper cited anonymous sources for the information .

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