Google looking to build European high-speed fiber network

Summary: After an experimental trial in the U.S., a Google executive hinted that Europe could be the next home for a high-speed fiber network.
The Wall Street Journal reports that Google senior vice president David Drummond said on Friday that the search giant is considering deploying a high-speed fiber network to Europe, in a bid to widen high-speed Internet access across the continent.
In a meeting at the French Industry Ministry, Drummond said that the company is “looking very closely” at branching out the fiber-network to Europe, but failed to disclose any further details.

(Image source: Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images)
Google’s offer may come at a time when Europe is mostly ahead in the world rankings of broadband speed, but still lags behind a developing 4G network in the United States, and already-established fiber networks and high-speed connectivity in East Asia.

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